YO Grants

Apply for Grant:

We at Ophthall 2018 are pleased to offer Grants for young Ophthalmologists to attend Ophthall 2018 in Chennai. Ophthalmologists who are aged 31 or below with their own Private Practice will be eligible to apply. We sincerely feel that it’s the Young Ophthalmologist who would immensely benefit by attending this meet. Each successful applicant will receive free Registration plus accommodation on twin sharing basis if they are from outside of Chennai, Applicants from Chennai will receive free Registration to Ophthall 2018. Interested young ophthalmologists should email their CV, Age Proof and Practice details (Proof of Pvt Practice such as Clinic Registration, website etc) to info@www.2018.ophthall.in on or before May 30th 2018. Successful applicants would be notified by June 10th to plan their travel.

Sponsor Ophthall YO Grants: Be a YO Evangelist.

Are you someone who is interested in supporting the Young Ophthalmologists Fraternity- you can do so by sponsoring Young Ophthalmologists to attend Ophthall 2018. Each Grant would be of 7500 Rs and you can sponsor any number of YO Grants in multiples of 2. We would honour your contribution as a YO Evangelist and recognise your contribution in Ophthall 2018.

You can also adopt one of the YO Practise during Ophthall 2018 and become their lifelong mentor and provide them with continuous support for them to achieve success.

Please write to info@www.2018.ophthall.in if you are interested to be an Evangelist.

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