Innovators Arena

What is it?

We at Ophthall 2018 would be happy to provide a special area for Ophthalmologist Innovators to showcase their products and solutions to other delegates and to the rest of the world. A special table space shall be provided for 20 Innovators and they will have the opportunity to demonstrate their innovation during a specially allocated time to the delegates.

Are you an innovator seeking to drive improvement and excellence in global Eye Care?

If so then we invite you showcase your product, software or solution in the Innovators arena.

Ophthall 2018 will provide a platform for Ophthalmologist innovators to engage with delegates and share their projects first-hand at the Innovation arena, which will feature some of the Indias most exciting Eye Care innovations ranging from practical devices to business models and design-based solutions.

In order to be considered, innovators are kindly requested to Register for Ophthall 2018 and write to us

Please include following details and Email

General Details:

  • What is the name of your innovation?
  • Company Name or Hospital Name
  • Innovator Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • Ophthall 2018 Registration Number

Innovation Details

Describe your innovation in Less than 200 Words (Mention how does it work, your target audience, is it generating revenues and how will your innovation change the future of Global Eye Care, you can also add pictures)

Please email

Dr Ashish Ahuja-Coordinator Innovation Arena – Ophthall 2018
Mob+ 918144715901

Innovations Selected for the Innovation Show Case in Ophthall 2018

Innovators Name
Title of Innovation

Dr Sahithya
VIKAS: Visual Intervention Kit for children with special needs

Dr Sahithya
DIGNIFY – Android based reading app

Dr. Rajkumar chourasiya
Hyperopia in case of After cataract

Dr. Rathin Bhattacharjee
Unique Glare Prevention Eye Glass for Drivers.

Dr. Ashish Ahuja
Smart Phone Based High Magnification Imaging

Dr Lata Ghanshamnani
Pre Operative Yoga Techniques

Dr Pooja Ghalla
Low Cost Electronic Video Magnifier

Dr Atul Sonawane
Smart Phone based Fundus Camera

Dr.Jinish Upadhayay
Smartphone based green filter imaging of the fundus

Dr Satish Shet
Cost Effective DSLR Adapters for Ophthalmic Imaging

Dr VK Poojitha
Automated meibography To detect MGD

Dr. Rohit Shetty, Dr Arkasubhra Ghosh and Dr Poojitha VK
Tear biomarker kit to detect – Dry Eye

Dr Raju Sampangi
RETISIGHT SIMBIOM- New Wide angle Viewing system for retinal surgeries

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