About Ophthall

Ophthall 2018 is India’s first Practice Development Conference for Ophthalmologists, Eye Hospital Managers, Optometrists, Technicians, Nurses and anyone working in and for Eye hospitals. Ophthall 2018 would offer an insight into Practice Development and focus on business of Ophthalmology which regular conferences rarely do.

Though Practice Development is need of the hour, this important subject is not taught in Medical Colleges. The day an Ophthalmologist steps into practice, he becomes a entrepreneur and has to play multiple roles which he is not prepared to.

Ophthall 2018 SESSIONS FOCUSED ON 4 Categories

Start up – Eye Clinics and hospitals which have just started.

Sustenance – Eye Clinics and Hospitals which are less than 10 years old and in the growth stage and providing decent revenues.

Scale up – Established Eye Hospitals which want to scale up to next level – Multiple Branches or New facilities etc

Succession or Exit – Eye Hospitals which are 30 + Years in existence and planning on succession or Exit

Ophthall 2018 UnConference Themes:

  • Inspiring Hospital/ Clinic Designs
  • New business models in eye care
  • Which money is Best- Self, Bank Loans, Angel Investors, PE or VC?
  • Impact of Insurance on Eye Hospitals- what is going to be the future?
  • Common Diagnostic Facilities- Group Practice Models in Eye Care
  • Staff roles in eye hospitals- How to train, how to retain?
  • Innovations in Eye Care- Telemedicine- Artificial Intelligence, Robotics
  • How to improve safety and quality in eye hospitals
  • Accreditation
  • How to get the best out of my Optical Shop?
  • Other Investment opportunities for Eye Doctors
  • How to raise funds for my Non Profit?
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